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"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." --- Psalm 119:105

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You have heard of the Message Bible. But have you heard of the E-Message Bible/Commentary?

The E-Message Bible/Commentary is the manifestation of  God's answer to Rev. Margaret Minnicks' question: "What can I do to spread the gospel in a unique way to please God and to reach the masses?"

In 1998, Rev. Margaret Minnicks wrote E-Message #1. To date without fail, she has written 5,038 scriptural based messages. Many people have printed and saved them over the years. Many people have asked Rev. Minnicks to compile them into volumes. Many people have requested series based on particular themes. Many people have remembered a key word or phrase and have asked her to send them the message again. Many people have inadvertently deleted some of their favorite ones. All of these situations have been solved with the E-Message Bible/Commentary which contains every E-Message written and those that will be added as Rev. Minnicks continues to write as the Lord leads.

Rev. Minnicks has compiled the messages into what has developed into a commentary covering almost every verse of the Bible. Some verses have appeared again and again over the years. Rev. Minnicks says as she reads the messages, she remembers exactly when she wrote each one and what was going on at the time when she wrote it.

Rev. Minnicks is now ready to share her gift to the world. The commentary has a search feature at the bottom of this page. Type in a key word and the references will be given.

This commentary is made possible through donations from Berean Partners. If you are inspired by what you read, and would like to become a Berean Partners, your donations will help others to benefit from this E-Message Commentary.


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